Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here's To New Beginnings

    When I woke up this morning, I thought my whole day would be a terrible one.
    To start, I had a nightmare that the object of my affection was involved with someone else and I was just despondent. I understand that dreams have no importance when it comes to the real world, but witnessing such betrayal, even in dream, is disheartening.
    Also, recent "happenings" here at home had left me in quite a fury. I had been holding back some things that really needed to be said.
    I spent the entire day cleaning.. not because I wanted to, but because I was upset. I picked up puppy poop, swept, mopped. I even drained and cleaned my sister's turtle pond. I fed all the little critters and fed my own kiddohs too. Then I managed a load of laundry and cooked some dinner before my quiet little bubble finally burst. With one phone call, all the stitches that I had on my lips split open and every little thing that had been pestering me was spilling out and gaining momentum. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore.
    Finally, when all was said, my sister came home and we had a sit down and a sincere talk. I must admit, it's rather nice to be on the receiving end of a "sorry" for once. It's a word I've been told I say way too often. Suddenly, my problems at home seemed to get smaller. Then, a talk on the phone from my love provided me with the reassurance I needed after that horrible "dream" I had. It seems my day wasn't so awful after all.
    Just when I thought things were alright, I got a message from a little girly I know, and this unexpected news blew my mind. She's family... Well, my ex-husband's family, but I still love her the same. Turns out, she's pregnant with her first! When we were exchanging messages, I was overjoyed and was hoping she wasn't joking. She could have waited, or chosen to tell me another day. Heck, she could have let me find out from other members of the family, as we don't exactly talk often, but I wish she knew how much it means to me that she decided to share this news with me. It really brightened my day. I am super excited for her and I wish her the best!!!
    This day has been nothing like I planned. Just a reminder, everyone, that things can change without us even trying, so remain optimistic folks! Goodnight!

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